Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bill Higginson gone

Bill Higginson gone
a giant has made his final leap
tears in the pond

gerald england

see William J Higginson: in memoriam.


R.K.SINGH said...

In his death we have lost an international voice. Reading him was always an enlightening experience.

--R K Singh

Nora said...

Through the open door
Move toward euphoric light
A life's denouement

Farewell, Bill.

Poet in Residence said...


Vic Gendrano said...

Higginson's death is a great loss to the haiku community even as his influence is far-reaching. His book is one of the first ones I bought to learn and study from.

in the fog
the last call
of the loon

Vic Gendrano

kouji | haiku said...

lovely, sad words.

Alan Summers said...

He has touched so many people across the world, and continues to do so even now.