Thursday, October 30, 2008

Leaves in Flight

leaves, like yellow kites
threaded on the wind
thrown to a clear blue sky

Photo Leaves in Flight by Benjamin Barnett


Beatrice V said...

I love this this haiku with the "yellow kites" image.

Reihaisha said...

It's beautious

nora said...

I like it, David!

Möme said...

I love the little "yellow kites", too! A Lovely play of colours.

Steve said...

Yeah, this one I like alot.
Perhaps though, the first line should say just "little yellow kites", because with that beautiful picture, the kites are very apparent! Still, a wonderful piece!

I hope you all are keeping written versions of these somewhere!! Seriously, these are too good to just let them sit on this blog!

David said...

Thank you all for your comments. This blog has been a real inspiration to me.

Steve thanks, I'll check out the line again. The haiku comes first and then the photo. I suppose I want the haiku to stand alone without the picture.

One idea I have is to produce a booklet for Christmas presents.

Steve said...

"One idea I have is to produce a booklet for Christmas presents."

Great idea!! If I had half the talent you have, I would definately do that!

John McDonald said...

love it

Area 17 said...

A booklet is a great idea. It makes a hard record of your work, and a great Christmas present too.