Tuesday, September 30, 2008

slow evening
enjoying the sound of rain
over the machines
the rustle
of fallen leaves muffles
the sound of your absence
as long nights sharpen
the barbs of autumn chill

Vic Gendrano

Taken from the recent post in my blog,
Haiku and Senryu Harvest
blue grapes
hanging full and heavy
and the butterflies dancing
Yellow butterfly
And spiraling yellow leaf
no heating yet -
following a sunbeam
to the warmest seat

Monday, September 29, 2008

soggy Saturday
Yuki* and I on the couch
doing crosswords

* the white cat


flying among
fern leaves -

fern leaves moving
a lot - but no wind
bird flying around

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Morning sun

Morning sun reveals
a sparkling silver world -
another frosty night

* * *

paljastaa hopeisen maan -
jälleen hallayö
silent mist
wet ivy
and unknown names on stones

Saturday, September 27, 2008

We, Silent Legion, with
wrenched hands and carved
faces, look down upon
dead grass and browning names

Fitfully we sleep, in
snows first kiss.

More info on Babi Yar ravine

a gift of peonies--

arranging them, some flowers

fall off already.

did your embrace last that long?

I gather fallen blossoms

© Beatrice V.

Second spring--
The leaf's last act colorful
As its debut
topless beach -
papaya hang
from the trees
rising sun
in the morning mist -
the smell of toast


soleil levant
dans le brouillard d'automne -
l'odeur du pain grillé

Friday, September 26, 2008

Slow Thoughts

slow thoughts today...
yesterday's green leaves
already red
the evening's must do-
unpacking sweaters
in the wardrobe
the moth killer
no more
the ants
marching through the house
in the trees
the north wind
the first cold snap

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birds and leaves take
flight from these trees, my friends,
one after another
rainy afternoon
sodden red maple
bends in the breeze
lying in moonlight
we embrace only, now
...autumnal branches

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


the dry leaves are swept
even as more of them fall
and sea levels rise

haiku poem
morning commute
bronze leaves curling on trees
reaching for a fleece

Parting words

her parting words
don't see me anymore
end of summer

For the story behind this, check my blogsite at

Haiku and Senryu Harvest

Vic Gendrano

Autumn in a Puddle

after the rain
all summer’s colours run together
into the puddle

Photo autumn in a puddle by lo_sgabuzzino (del guercio)


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

in the mail today
toad lillies ordered months ago
where to put them?


soft flow of leaves gone
left uncovered by the wind
the jagged edges

haiku poem


restless leaves stirring
earth parched beneath a bright sky
heat before the storm

haiku poem


wind stilled strewn leaves recall the recent storm

words: mandy smith
photo: phill deason
© 2008

September afternoon

September afternoon
leaves, blood-red, perfectly still -
the storm has passed

* * *

Syyskuinen päivä
puut verenpunaisina -
tyyntä myrskyn jälkeen

In memory of the victims of the Kauhajoki school massacre
the grey winds
of autumn have returned
but without me

autumn showers
but i am somewhere
far away

autumn today
spring tomorrow
and yet, and yet


Monday, September 22, 2008

side of water tower
40 feet above the ground
grass waves in the breeze

on a silver moon

the shadow of swaying trees

-undressed by Autumn

© Beatrice V.


this autumn eve
is full of old dreams
don't you think?

On my path
no raindrops
autumn leaves
suppressing my footsteps

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Morning Dew

shimmering rolling blanket

gentle morning kiss

new days embrace

While Blackberry Picking

warm autumn earth
reverberates with church bells
rippling over fields

Harrow on the Hill by Kaustav Bhattacharya


Friday, September 19, 2008

silent morning -
a lonely turtledove
in the autumn wind


silence du matin -
une tourterelle solitaire
dans le vent d'automne
plans for weekend
laying in bulbs for next year
and designs for new beds

Thursday, September 18, 2008


my heart is empty
as this september sky
these days
it's not love but boredom
that makes me long for you
driving to work
wearing a fleece
against cool morning

One Leaf , Two Haiku

interrupted -

lost in thought
walking halted - leaf plummeting
on arm


these swamps and fishponds
the black and white sand beaches
they know no autumn

captivating Capiz

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


they stand in line
for a fallen comrade

Vic Gendrano
You can view a bigger and better haiga (picture poem) in my website:
Coming home

Tikkis/Ginsberg inspiration 2

In the void
my breath
whispered your name – Autumn

Inspiration from Tikkis

off to work

Yuki* says extra goodbye

*my furry friend


Yellow lemons
still hanging after the storm
sunny backyard



slow rustle of leaves
the wind nudging green and brown
childhood memories

haiku poem

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

after hard shift
stopping for some dark red mums
and comfort food
The flutter of red
and brown rowan leaves
a busy robin


On the roof top
she waits for her man with
moon cake and lantern:
a flash of silver showers
on the mist-shrouded figure


Monday, September 15, 2008

football fever
she hugs his pillow
for company
their bed grows colder
each passing game

Vic Gendrano

In my book,
morning dew
glitters -
the rabbit washes its face

after the rain

huge mushrooms dot the lawn

Gradually changing
colour, trees slightly puzzled
as to how yellow

over the fence

over the fence a fallen sunflower flood water

© gerald england

A non-seasonal haiga can be viewed on Ackworth born, gone West.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

traffic jam
on the highway -
autumn leaves


sur la voie rapide -
feuillages d'automne

Bronzed Tree

bronzed leaves slowly corroding in soft autumn light

Photo by warren49 (me)


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oak planks in autumn

I was, as part of my job, packing some oak planks yesterday. A very fine quality nice surface and this unique smell of linseed oil.
I packed them very gently and with great care.
They were going to United Kingdom. The purpose was that they would get there in one, in this case three pieces and in no way harmed.
In the end they would arrive at a rectory home no less. A divine place no doubt. They deserve that after a long life in the forest, what better place could you ask for?

I got the word today – they arrived in the good shape, and no harm had come to them, God blessed them for their new life at the Rectory Home.

But I have a worry – If they had stayed in the forest, they had been living trees still.
And being alive there, they would by now, be occupied with the challenge of producing fantastic colour in my world.

Oak tree
tuning green leaves
into a colourful patchwork
Autumn oak flutters
As if covered by
Monarch butterflies
weekend chore
trimming tree growing through fence
autumn morning -
maple leaves
on a cherry tree

Friday, September 12, 2008

Some shriveled brown husks
Still stand while they spread their leaves
As if they're alive.

fall rain-
curling leaves wooshing
toward the run off
old lady
picking brambles -
her blue smile


golden hued summer
the sand and sea stretching on
you blink and it's gone

haiku poem

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A bug and its shadow
Skitters quick across the road--
A double monster.
morning commute
influx of school children
shatters coffee shop calm
the leaves
like a red feather
in the tree

Gathering acorns
Enveloped in a gnarled hand
A young replica

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nine eleven

my first flight
since nine eleven
remove your shoes sir
a tacit reminder
air travel's not the same

Vic Gendrano

Cross-posted in my blog
Haiku Harvest


this unhappy day
the drops of water, they fall
cannot be undone

haiku poem
afternoon break
cool wind blowing
bewteen parked trailers
he points out the apples
to his grandchild
...red cheeked

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

she told me once
she'll be back someday-
the first hint
of autumn colors
at sunset
Autumn rain--
In the distance
Illumined blue
in the misty fields
manure spreading
after the rain
new book bags heaped on sidewalk
kids splash in puddles
dry leaves cover
the empty park bench
her long absence

Tagalog version

mga tuyong dahon
sa bangko sa parke
kay tagal niyang wala

Vic Gendrano
night time commute
orange cresent moon
shimmers in the pond

Monday, September 8, 2008


Waiting to hear your
light steps on the road -
dry leaves dancing

* * *

Odotan kevyitä
askeleitasi tiellä -
lehtien kahinaa


a sudden downpour
it stops, streets underwater
frog cacophony

haiku poem
autumn -
the ploughed field's
glittering clay
non-Easter egg hunting -
grocery shopping in
New Orleans

Hi All, I returned this past weekend to New Orleans. No damage to my home. Electricity and water are back. However, towns south and west of New Orleans got slammed.

Ike is now heading to the Gulf of Mexico, so I might be running away from home again.

Let's see what happens.

PS - I had to go to two grocery stores looking for dairy products. The first one ran out.
early twilight.
swans radiate their own light
in the slate grey lake.

the rusty clock
is ticking in the trees

(inspired by David's recent haiku and Sorley MacLean's poem Hallaig)
in the dusk
the slugs embrace
and nibble fallen peaches
rustle ~
in the sycamore ~ ~
~ ~ ~ helicopters

(inspired by Megan Arkenbergs haiku 'Rustling')


dry leaves underfoot
the days grind steadily on
dusty memories

haiku poem

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A slow thought

Slowly turning my head
flowing the Sun
I become part of the nature.

Slowly opening my eyes at Dawn
and shutting them at Sunset
I become part of natures rhythm.

By doing so slowly
I become a natures child
a Sunflower in thought.

Slowly penetrate a single thought
cut off shortly before reaching the end
the Sunflower head tumbled into the basket.

Slowly hundreds of Sunflower seed
is spreading this autumn
simple slowly thoughts back to nature

Saturday, September 6, 2008

last sunbeam -
a fly lands
on my shoulder


dernier rayon -
une mouche se pose
sur mon épaule
the brash summer
mellows with september's
as trees slowly begin
their winter slumber
turning from the rain
a spark in her eyes
autumn light

Bright shiny droplets
Clinging to the spider web
Reflect the pale sky.

Update from Steve

Greeting all! Wonderful work so far!! Really great! I am sorry for being so quiet; I have in the past week moved from one department of my company to another, which means I have moved from my old site down to UNCC to work. Very nice change, but it (along with cub scouts) has kept me busy, and I apologize for not participating more. I do have some pieces prepared, but they are "time sensitive", so I dont want to post them yet.

If anyone has any problems, please let me know, and if I dont get back with you in 24 hours, hang tough, I will get back to you!
leaves drift -
old ladies
holding their hats

Election Time

election time
we turn off
the radio, argue
root beer flavors
and bubblegum

behind green steel

behind green steel
hide scarlet berries
an autumn find

© 2008, Gerald England
horse chestnut
withered and stunted
slowly rusts


amongst rain and leaves,

the whisper of a master's verse

how they weep, the trees

© Beatrice V

Friday, September 5, 2008

Such autumnal hues

cling to the window today

-those new curtains

© Beatrice V

friends hug and part -
in the sky
southbound geese
in the garden
the old lady dozes -
the sunflower's head droops

Thursday, September 4, 2008


the green shifts to red
streets littered with summer's leaves
years weigh heavily

haiku poem
Fallen leaf
Carried by the stream
Dances still
Waving down
a leaf settles between
her breasts

With roaring winds
the trees wave all night:
autumn in courtyard

summer fading -
the humming in the garden
dying down

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


solitary leaf
drifting softly to the ground
how far it has come

haiku poem


in the oak leaves...

Raku vase

Raku vase
Autumn-hued beauty unspoiled
By chrysanthemums
a roaring from
the silent trees of summer

the sun is muted
seeing trees deepening to red
with autumn passion

Beatrice V

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


autumn has arrived
auburn leaves are falling
but not over here

haiku poem
before nureyev
we rise to our feet
in rainsoaked unison
the vienna open-air cinema in front of the city hall
is a regular feature during july, aug and early sept -
admission free

at first, clouds gathered

to play hide-and-seek with the sun
now, they fall; and fall

Beatrice V
in the garden
watched by the cat

the posy
of stinging nettles

RIP Ivan the cat (1990 - 1st September 2008)
In the autumn sun
old man planting strawberries
for next summer

* * *
vanhus istuttaa mansikat
ensi kesäksi
rain clouds gone -
doves' wings
shaking the light

One Line Haiku Dry Grasses

late summer grasses
bleached and brittle to touch
dry seeds scatter

David Loffman


Monday, September 1, 2008

Quick Update

traveled 700 miles
still in USA
I have a few moments to let you know how I am. I appreciate your warm wishes.
Instead of going to Hot Springs, AK to escape Hurricane Gustav, my parents wanted to go to relatives' home in SW Houston.
Fearing empty gas (petrol) stations on I10West (since I need about 2 tanks of gas to travel from New Orleans to the Houston suburbs), I decided to go another route.
First north traveling through Louisiana and Mississippi, taking a left on I20, going back to Louisiana and into Texas, and then going south on US 59.
It was an adventure to drive 14 hours and drinking so much Coca Cola and coffee without getting ill.
Until I hear the all-clear to return, I stay in Texas.
Later, Isabel
autumn again -
i sit contemplating
an old koan

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tonight's moon
cares not for the fleshy pleasures
of edo's alleys

See all my haiku at think haiku
autumn -
ploughs darkening
the summer fields
a quartet of magpies -
not a song
amongst them
under the red moon
a courtesan turns on her heel
and walks away

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