Thursday, October 9, 2008

my fingernails
waiting in the bank queue


John McDonald said...

know the feeling

Gwil W said...

cold sweat
and palpitations
in front of the cash machine

been there, got the t-shirt

the thing is they borrow money from us and spend it on cocaine, yachts, camels, warplanes and casinos and then when we want it back they say we haven't got it, give us more!

nora said...

Apropo and familiar, PIR. Is the word "waiting" necessary?

Gwil W said...

good question nora
can't say off the top of my head
i'll ponder it while i wait, the queue is moving very slowly, only one teller left at the bank

Reihaisha said...

its been a long time but I remember it well

Anonymous said...

yummy. :D