Monday, September 1, 2008

Quick Update

traveled 700 miles
still in USA
I have a few moments to let you know how I am. I appreciate your warm wishes.
Instead of going to Hot Springs, AK to escape Hurricane Gustav, my parents wanted to go to relatives' home in SW Houston.
Fearing empty gas (petrol) stations on I10West (since I need about 2 tanks of gas to travel from New Orleans to the Houston suburbs), I decided to go another route.
First north traveling through Louisiana and Mississippi, taking a left on I20, going back to Louisiana and into Texas, and then going south on US 59.
It was an adventure to drive 14 hours and drinking so much Coca Cola and coffee without getting ill.
Until I hear the all-clear to return, I stay in Texas.
Later, Isabel


kouji said...

i'm very glad to hear that you're alright, isabel. :) hmmm... makes me want some coca cola as well...

nora said...

Thank you so much for an update. Isabel. My thoughts have been with you. Next time, consider coming to stay with me in Atlanta. We have been known to host friends from the Gulf Coast.

May you find home and hearth in the condition you left it when you return.


Area 17 said...

Good to hear you're, and in Houston not Dallas. ;-)

If you travel to Austin they have a great poetry scene! ;-)

John McDonald said...

well done isabel

Gwil W said...

Things are looking reasonably ok on the latest TV pics. The next one 'Hannah' looks more dangerous on sat-pics to my untrained eyes. It's building up nicely off the east coast of Florida in the Atlantic.

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

glad you are safe

nora said...

Isabel? Are you back home? Please update us when you can.