Thursday, November 20, 2008


autumn's beauty
lost on me

autumn haiku poetry


Anonymous said...

leaf raking
the sound of a mourning dove

Steve said...

LOL, You know, I actually miss raking leaves! But we bought a house built on land that used to be a cow pasture, so one little maple tree in the front yard is all we have for now.

kouji said...


cool. :)


you do? :O ah. still, that's one maple tree more than what we have here. :)

Möme said...

Nice one!

Beatrice V said...

Oh I know what you mean Kouji, I have lived in very hot southern countries, and also in northerly frozen places, where the opposite season is always so ephemeral.. or imagined. Missing the change of seasons.

kouji said...


thanks. :)


wow. :O you've traveled quite a bit. :O