Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lullaby for Kungu and Barseloi

Go to sleep -
a soft blanket of snow
covers us all

* * *

Nuku rauhassa -
lumen pehmeä huopa
peittää meidät kaikki


Steve said...

WOW!! I love that! To try and say anything else would demean the body of your work so I'll leave it at WOW!!

nora said...

It is a well-crafted haiku, Mome.

Steve, in Spanish-speaking countries, the expression "sin palabras" or "without words" is used in such a circumstance. It's meant to express awe without detracting from the art itself. It's the highest compliment. The observer is dumb-struck; vocabulary fails. :-)

Möme said...

Thank you, Steve! This was in fact written in the memory of my two animal friends, who passed away recently.

Möme said...

Thank you, Nora, also for the very interesting Spanish lesson!

John McDonald said...

yes I love it too

Gwil W said...

almost a lullaby

Gwil W said...

I mean for a baby in a cot!

Möme said...

Thanks, everyone :-) We are having more snow today, now almost 10 cm. Then again, in February-March we'll have 80-120 cm.