Saturday, September 27, 2008

rising sun
in the morning mist -
the smell of toast


soleil levant
dans le brouillard d'automne -
l'odeur du pain grillé


Gwil W said...

in translation i think you mean 'toast' ie bread(the pl. is the same as the sngl.)

'toasts' brings to mind glasses of wine, beer and spirits

Damien Gabriels said...

Thanks for your help ! I correct that mistake

Gwil W said...

I had a wonderful few days in Vence a couple of years ago. Lovely area. Ran up the hill behind the town to the top of the pass. Wonderful wild flowers. I can't think of a better place for D H Lawrence to have passed away.

Möme said...

Lovely, Damien! Autumn mornings at their best. (Although, I'm off to Paris in a few days, to enjoy baguettes and croissants instead of toast :)