Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bronzed Tree

bronzed leaves slowly corroding in soft autumn light

Photo by warren49 (me)


nora said...

Oooh, lovely!

Area 17 said...

I really like this! But I want to be tough, and say, why not...

bronzed leaves slowly corrode
soft autumn light

And because I like that word 'corrode' or even the original 'corroding' I wonder if you can give more space to the text so it is separate from the other info text.

Sorry to be a tartar, but I feel your work deserves separation from the mundane blog text of date time etc... that interferes, and runs into, your marvellous poetry.


Anonymous said...

corroding... very nice. :)

David said...

alan i agree 'corrode' is a stonger word than 'corroding', the suffix 'ing' has almost always a deadening effect.