Saturday, August 30, 2008

this autumn
even the wandering caterpillar

admires chrysanthemums

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Beatrice V said...


Unknown said...

Thank you :)

nora said...

Good alliteration and assonance. I try to work those into my own haiku. Toothsome words paint lovely imagery.

Unknown said...

Thanks Nora :)

David said...

This works well "wandering caterpillar". You create a rhythm with these 3 and four syllable words. I like the aimless association with "wandering".

The personification of "admires" is a light, amusing touch.

And then you round off the whole thing with "chrysanthemums" brings the whole haiku to a fitting end like a phonetic firework display.

Great fun.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your very generous comments, david. :D